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Required FGD addition

These instructions require editing the base.fgd to add a "Use" input to game_player_equip:

input Use(void) : "Equip player"

Adding weapons

To add a weapon entity to the level and fill it full of the proper ammo:

  1. Add your "Weapon entity" into the world. See the table below for a list of weapon and ammo entities.
  2. If a game_player_equip with targetname of the required <Short Ammo Name> does not exist yet, do the following steps:
    1. Create a game_player_equip entity.
    2. Set the name to the correct <Short Ammo Name> (see table below).
    3. Set the Use Only flag on the game_player_equip.
    4. Turn off SmartEdit on the Object Properties dialog if it isn't already off.
    5. Add a keyvalue with the keyname of the <Ammo Entity> and the value <Amount to Fill>.
  3. Add an output to your weapon entity named OnPlayerPickup.
  4. Set the target of the output to the <Short Ammo Name> and the input to Use.

To place more of the same type of weapon, simply added the same output to each instance you place, or duplicate the existing instance. A separate game_player_equip needs to be added for each ammo type that is required.

List of ammo and weapon entities

Weapon Entity Ammo Description Ammo Entity Amount to Fill
weapon_awp 338mag ammo_338mag 3
weapon_p228 357sig ammo_357sig 4
weapon_mac10 45acp ammo_45acp 4
weapon_ump45 4
weapon_usp 5
weapon_deagle 50ae ammo_50ae 5
weapon_famas 556mm ammo_556mm 3
weapon_galil 3
weapon_m4a1 3
weapon_sg550 3
weapon_sg552 3
weapon_m249 556mm_box ammo_556mm_box 7
weapon_fiveseven 57mm ammo_57mm 2
weapon_p90 2
weapon_ak47 762mm ammo_762mm 3
weapon_aug 3
weapon_g3sg1 3
weapon_scout 3
weapon_elite 9mm ammo_9mm 4
weapon_glock 4
weapon_mp5navy 4
weapon_tmp 4
weapon_m3 buckshot ammo_buckshot 4
weapon_xm1014 4

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