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<Team Fortress 2> entity_spawn_point is a point entity available in Team Fortress 2. A point for use with entity_spawn_manager.


spawn_manager_name <targetname>
The spawn manager this point belongs to

output: OnUser1

 output: OnUser2
 output: OnUser3
 output: OnUser4
 input: TeamNum
 input: SetTeam
 input: Kill
 input: KillHierarchy
 input: Use
 input: Alpha
 input: AlternativeSorting
 input: Color
 input: SetParent  (says this, but will not move with parent)
 input: SetParentAttachment
 input: SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset
 input: ClearParent
 input: SetDamageFilter
 input: EnableDamageForces
 input: DisableDamageForces
 input: DispatchEffect
 input: DispatchResponse
 input: AddContext
 input: RemoveContext
 input: ClearContext
 input: DisableShadow
 input: EnableShadow
 input: AddOutput
 input: FireUser1
 input: FireUser2
 input: FireUser3
 input: FireUser4