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<Half-Life 2> Empires is a Half-Life 2 mod combining the genres of real-time strategy and first person shooter. Each game team has four classes to choose from (scout, rifleman, grenadier, and engineer) with unique weapons and skills each. One player will become the commander by entering the team's command vehicle to build the team's base and lead his team to victory. Once your base is built up, purchase vehicles from your team's vehicle factory to open up another facet of Empires' gameplay. Vehicles can be customized with unique weapons, armor, and engines. The commander can research improvements to all aspects of vehicles such as longer range cannons, homing missiles, and armor-piercing machine gun rounds. Once your team is prepared, lead an assault into the enemy base. The enemy team is defeated when all players are wiped out with either no place to respawn or no reinforcements remaining or the team's command vehicle is destroyed.


Empires focuses on the struggles between two factions; the Northern Faction and the Brenodi Empire.

The Brenodi Empire

The flag of the Brenodi Empire.

The Brenodi Empire forces are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment. All members undergo a strict training regiment to establish their combat effectiveness, and they are supported by the very best mechanized armor and air units. All Brenodian citizens are required to receive an extensive set of nanotechnological devices to function, and their military relies on these nanotech enhancements to further enhance the abilities of their soldiers. The Brenodi Empire wages an ongoing campaign to subdue the Northern Faction and eliminate their terrorist actions through force that have become all too common in ex-Jekotian territory.

The Northern Faction

The flag of the Northern Faction.

The Northern Faction hails its name from the dominant power rising after the fall of the ancient Great Empire. They disappeared, possibly to rebuild the Empire on a different landmass and laying the roots for the Jekotian Empire.

The War Today

In the current struggle, the Northern Faction is less equipped and trained than the forces of the Brenodi Empire, but its forces make up for it with genetic manipulation and determination. All members are ex-citizens of Jekotia whose disbanded military's past exploits into genetic manipulation were phased into the general population and provided a counter to Brenodi technology. This gives them the advantage of more versatility in ability enhancement and unmatchable level of cohesiveness and coordination. They've managed to find support in ex-Jekotians hidden within the Brenodi Empire and among remnants of bunkers and weapon caches left over from the great battle which dissolved the nation of Jekotia.

For more background information, visit the Storyline section of Empires wiki.


  • Fourteen large, Battlefield 1942-like maps with multiple chokepoints that allow for tactical gameplay.
  • One person of each team becomes the Commander and leads his team to victory using an RTS-like game interface and an adjustable top-down view of the battlefield.
  • Capture and secure resource points to gain resources which you can use to enlarge your strike force.
  • Several unique buildings like armories, vehicle factories and turrets give you the possibility to place a base anywhere, anytime.
  • Large infantry and tank battles make sure there's always action to be had.
  • Four customizable infantry classes allow you to adjust to any combat situation rapidly.
  • Gain rank points by helping your team and unlock skill slots to gain individual perks and upgrades.
  • Squad up in groups of five and work together towards victory while also getting a nice squad perk within an area of influence.
  • Customizable tank loadouts give you the choice between several unique chassis, as well as a plethora of advanced weaponry.
  • Research new technologies using a radar to get the upper hand on the battlefield. Research experimental technologies like rail guns, fission reactors, plasma cannons and biological machine guns.
  • Several game types include Classic Empires, Conquest and Mission to keep gameplay variety at a maximum.



  • Ranked Best Multi-Genre mod of 2006 by Mod DB.

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