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Meshes that represent the collision geometry of a model.


  • To toggle physics mesh display, select Display > Collision Geo.



  • Meshes are accessible via the outliner, and are found under the Physics Mesh List item.
  • Select a physics mesh item to edit in the Property Editor.

Data Structures

The vmdl physics mesh data looks like this:

CVphysicsMeshList m_physicsMeshList = CVphysicsMeshList
	CVphysicsMesh[] m_meshList = 
			string m_meshName = "sdk_static_prop_physics"
			string m_meshFile = "models/sdk_static_prop/fbx/sdk_static_prop_physics.fbx"
			bool m_bUseExactGeometry = false
			bool m_bAutoMass = true
			float m_flMassOverride = 100.000000
			bool m_bOneConvexPiece = true
			bool m_bConcavePerJoint = false
			bool m_bSelfCollisions = false
			bool m_bForceKinematic = false
			bool m_bIgnoreScale = false
			bool m_bIgnoreSkeleton = false


A list of CVphysicsMesh elements.

Note:A vmdl can have multiple physics meshes. Mesh groups and LOD groups will refer to these meshes by name.


The data description of a physics mesh.

Attribute Friendly Name Description Type Default Value
m_meshName Mesh Name The name of the mesh string
m_bUseExactGeometry Use Exact Geometry Do not convexify, instead use the exact geometry bool false
m_bAutoMass Auto Mass Calculate mass automatically bool true
m_flMassOverride Mass Override If automass is off, use this instead float 100.0
m_bOneConvexPiece One Convex Piece Convexify as one object, if off generate multiple convex hulls bool false
m_bConcavePerJoint Concave Per Joint Create hull per joint bool false
m_bSelfCollisions Self Collisions Collide with itself bool false
m_bForceKinematic Force Kinematic Force physics object to be kinematic bool false
m_bIgnoreScale Ignore Scale Ignore Scale bool false
m_bIgnoreSkeleton Ignore Skeleton Ignore Skeleton bool false
Note:Force Kinematic, Ignore Scale, and Ignore Skeleton are possibly outdated and will not have a result on the compiled mesh