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Material Remap items allow materials to be reassigned.


  • Material remap items are under the "Material Remap List" item in the outliner.
Note.png Note: A model needs to be saved and recompiled for the remap to be visible in the viewport.



  • To add a material remap item, select the "Material Remap List" item and press the green "+" button in the property editor.
  • To edit a material remap item, select it in the outliner.

Data Structures

The vmdl material remap list data looks like this:

CVMaterialRemapList* m_pMaterialRemapList = &CVMaterialRemapList_0


A pointer to the vmdl's CVMaterialRemapList.


A list of CVMaterialRemap elements. Looks like this in the vmdl:

CVMaterialRemapList CVMaterialRemapList_0
	CVMaterialRemap[] m_vMaterialRemapList = 
			string m_sSearchMaterial = ""
			string m_sReplaceMaterial = ""


Attribute Friendly Name Description Type Default Value
m_name Name Name of the material group string
m_materialList Materials A list of material paths ( content relative ) associated with this group string[]
Note.png Note: In the above example, switching to material group "hair_green" will keep the body material the same, but switch the hair to the green material.