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Dota 2 Map Entities

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Dota 2 uses many entities and this page want to document these as well as their usage.

Critical Entities

These entities are necessary to run a map. List in no particular order - they're all needed:

Without this entity, your Dota will instantly crash. No data required.
Specifies the total size of your map.
Max Bound is filled with two positive values
Min Bound is filled with two negative values
Functionbridge to control different events (soundques, animations) on script-events. Not data required.
Controls the whole lightning and can be used to change the lightning for different sides on the map.
Ambient Day Color
Ambient Night Color
Ambient Direction Day
Ambient Directeion Night
Ambient Scale Day
Ambient Scale Night
Day Color
Night Color
Fog Color Day
Fog Color Night
Fog End Day 'Value:' 3000 - Sets your Fogdistance
Fog End Night 'Value:' 3000 - sets your Fogdistance
Fog Height Day
Fog Height Night
Fog Height Color Day
Fog Height Color Night
Fog Start Day 'Value:' 1500
Fog Start Night 'Value:' 1500
Fog of War Color Blue Day 'Value:' 4
Fog of War Color Blue Night 'Value:' 4
Fog of War Color Green Day 'Value:' 3
Fog of War Color Green Night 'Value:' 3
Fog of War Color Red Day 'Value:' 2
Fog of War Color Red Night 'Value:' 2
Fog of War Darkness Day 'Value:' 2.7
Fog of War Darkness Night 'Value:' 2.7
Inner Radius Value: 3500
Light Direction Day Value: 43 313 0
Light Direction Night Value: 43 313 0
Outer Radius Value: 11000
Shadow Color Day
Shadow Color Night
Shadow Ground Scale Day Value: .2
Shadow Ground Scale Night Value: .25
Shadow Scale Day Value: .2
Shadow Scale Night Value: .25
Specular Color Day
Specular Color Night
Lightning entity - controls cloud-shadowing as well.
cloud1speed Value: 120
specularcolor Value: 165 161 255
cloud2direction Value: 0 145 0
specularangles Value: 60 270 0
cloud2speed Value: 80
cloudscale Value: 65000
groundscale Value: 15
Start Disbled Value: No
Light Color
Color Transition Time Value: 0.5
Distance Value: 10000
FOV Value: 5
NearZ Distance Value: 4
North Offset Value: 200
Texture Name Value: effects/blank_clouds_00
Enable Shadows Value: Yes
Max Ragdoll Count Value: -1
Max Ragdoll Count DX8 Value -1
HDRColorScale Value: 1.0
no_reflection_fog Value: 1
Name Value: goodside_fog - Controller Name for side-dependant lightning
Fog Enable Value: Yes
Fog Blend Value: No
Use Angles for Fog Dir Value: No
Primary Fog Color
Secondary Fog Color
Primary Fog Direction Value: 1 0 0
Fog Start Value: 1500
Fog End Value: 3000
Fog Max Density [0...1] Value: 1
Interpolate Time Value: 5
Far Z Clip Plne Value: -1
Start Transition to Cheap Water Value: 10000
Start Transition to Cheap Water Value: 20000
Name Value: tonemapcontroller
Map based scripting entitity. See tutorial-maps for reference, but note that the tutorial maps also have the tutorial logic scripting system running on top which handles a lot of the events.
Spawnboxes for Radiant
Spawnboxes for Dire

You will need at least one Skybox and one displaced brush in order to make a functioning map.

Non-Critical Entities

Spawnbox for players in custom games

Custom Entities

These entities are tied to the gamemechanics, such as runes.

This entity spawns runes on given grid point.
It is cruical to fill in 'Name' with 'dota_item_rune_spawner' in order to fully work. Without given name it doesn't spawn runes.
Used to place working trees with proper ent_fow_blocker_node and cutable with Tangoes or a Quelling Blade.
The models from the Dota-Files are confusing. The only models for the Dire with proper animations and a tree-stump are: dire_tree004.mdl dire_tree004b.mdl dire_tree007.mdl dire_tree008.mdl
In order to show up correctly you have to add following Key:Value: body:1