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Thermal Discouragement Beam

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Thermal Discouragement Beams in Portal 2.

Thermal Discouragement Beams or lasers are a puzzle element in Portal 2 Portal 2. Lasers emanate from emitters and can be used to trigger sockets and destroy turrets. They can be extended through portals, just like other testing elements. When players touch a laser, they receive a small amount of damage and are pushed away from the beam. Prolonged contact kills the player. Normal cubes block the laser, but redirection cubes point it in a different direction (usually parallel, but occasionally perpendicular to the floor).

Tip.pngTip:It can sometimes be annoying to be damaged by lasers, especially when travelling through a portal with a laser in it. Consider using a point_servercommand to set sv_player_collide_with_laser 1, so the player does not take damage from lasers.


The two most important elements of any laser setup are env_portal_laser and prop_laser_catcher, which create and "catch" the laser, respectively. Two optional elements are the prop_weighted_cube with CubeType set to 2 (redirection cube) and the prop_laser_relay.

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