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The Arsenal: Demolition game mode is a fast paced mix of bomb planting and gun progression. You begin with a rifle and progress through different weapons every time you get a kill.

The Demolition game mode only requires spawn points for each team.

Most Demolition maps have at least one bomb site, but if you don't include a bomb site in your map, the game will not give a bomb to any of the terrorist players, making the bomb site strictly optional.

Spawn points

As in every other game mode, Demolition uses the info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_terrorist entities to decide where to spawn players. You should aim to include at least 16 spawn points for each team, so your map will work correctly with up to 32 players on a server.

Demolition is a team game mode, so you will want to group your spawn points by team, and place them roughly equidistant from the bomb site.

Bomb sites

Bomb sites work the same way as in other Defuse maps. Make a brush textured with tools/toolstrigger, and with it selected, press Ctrl+T and change the entity to func_bomb_target.

Warning.png警告:The property Heist Mode bomb Target is an unused value and should be ignored.

Though the official Demolition maps only have one bomb site, 2 bomb sites will work fine.

Consider using overlays to indicate the location of the bomb site, and to mark it's extents so players can easily identify where they can plant the bomb.

Testing your map

The Demolition game mode is selected by setting the server-side connvar game_type to 1, and game_mode to 1. To properly test your Demolition map, include +game_type 1 +game_mode 1 in the launch options before compiling and running the map.