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Command Default Cheat? Help Text
particle_simulateoverflow 0 Yes Used for stress-testing particle systems. Randomly denies creation of particles.
password 0 Current server access password
path Show the engine filesystem path.
pause Toggle the server pause state.
perfui Show/hide the level performance tools UI.
perfvisualbenchmark None
perfvisualbenchmark_abort None
phonemedelay 0 Phoneme delay to account for sound system latency.
phonemefilter 0 Time duration of box filter to pass over phonemes.
phonemesnap 1 Don't force visemes to always consider two phonemes, regardless of duration.
phys_impactforcescale 1 None
phys_penetration_error_time 10 Controls the duration of vphysics penetration error boxes.
phys_pushscale 1 None
phys_speeds 0 None
phys_stressbodyweights 5 None
phys_swap Automatically swaps the current weapon for the physcannon and back again.
phys_timescale 1 Scale time for physics
phys_upimpactforcescale 0 None
physcannon_ball_cone 0 None
physcannon_chargetime 2 None
physcannon_cone 0 None
physcannon_maxforce 1500 None
physcannon_maxmass 250 None
physcannon_mega_pullforce 8000 None
physcannon_mega_tracelength 850 None
physcannon_minforce 700 None
physcannon_pullforce 4000 None
physcannon_tracelength 250 None
physics_budget Times the cost of each active object
physics_debug_entity Dumps debug info for an entity
physics_highlight_active Turns on the absbox for all active physics objects
physics_report_active Lists all active physics objects
physics_select Dumps debug info for an entity
physicsshadowupdate_render 0 None
picker Toggles 'picker' mode. When picker is on, the bounding box, pivot and debugging text is displayed for whatever entity the player is looking at.
Full - enables all debug information
ping Display ping to server.
pistol_use_new_accuracy 1 None
pixelvis_debug Dump debug info
play Play a sound.
playdemo Play a recorded demo file (.dem ).
player_old_armor 0 None
player_showpredictedposition 0 None
player_showpredictedposition_timestep 1 None
player_squad_autosummon_debug 0 None
player_squad_autosummon_move_tolerance 20 None
player_squad_autosummon_player_tolerance 10 None
player_squad_autosummon_time 5 None
player_squad_autosummon_time_after_combat 8 None
player_squad_double_tap_time 0 None
player_squad_transient_commands 1 None
player_throwforce 1000 None
playflush Play a sound, reloading from disk in case of changes.
playgamesound Play a sound from the game sounds txt file
playsoundscape Forces a soundscape to play
playvol Play a sound at a specified volume.
plugin_load Loads a plugin present in the addons directory.
plugin_print Prints loaded plugins (server).
plugin_unload Unloads a plugin based on it's ID in plugin_print.
progress_enable None
prop_crosshair Shows name for prop looking at
prop_debug Toggle prop debug mode. If on, props will show colorcoded bounding boxes. Red means ignore all damage. White means respond physically to damage but never break. Green maps health in the range of 100 down to 1.
prop_dynamic_create Yes Creates a dynamic prop with a specific .mdl aimed away from where the player is looking.
props_break_max_pieces -1 None
pwatchent -1 Yes Entity to watch for prediction system changes.
pwatchvar 0 Yes Entity variable to watch in prediction system for changes.