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A concept is high level state that the code is trying to convey, such as say hello(TLK_HELLO), answer some question(TLK_ANSWER), or call for help(TLK_HELP_ME), etc.

You can command a NPC to speak based on a concept by using Speak( AIConcept_t concept, const char *modifiers /*= NULL*/ ) method. This is defined in AI_Speech.cpp.

bool CAI_Expresser::Speak( AIConcept_t concept, const char *modifiers /*= NULL*/ )
	AI_Response *result = SpeakFindResponse( concept, modifiers );
	if ( !result )
		return false;

	SpeechMsg( GetOuter(), "%s (%x) spoke %s (%f)\n", STRING(GetOuter()->GetEntityName()),
		GetOuter(), concept, gpGlobals->curtime );

	bool spoke = SpeakDispatchResponse( concept, result );
	return spoke;

It tries to find a response for the concept from Response System scripts. Then if it finds one, tries to dispatch it.

NPC_talker.cpp is a good example integrating concept speaks within tasks and schedules. If you want to make a custom NPC that talks, this would be the best place to start.

You can also make a NPC choose a response via "DispatchResponse" entity input.

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