Catwalk (Portal 2)

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A few catwalks in-game

The Catwalk in Portal 2, used in behind the scenes sections in the game, is a series of models found in the game under the prefix hanging_walkway_... and found in the folder catwalk_destruction.They can be placed in the game as a prop using these as world models. There are also animated versions of catwalks, which are catwalks being demolished.

List of models

Still models (under the folder catwalk_destruction)

  • Hanging_walkway_128a_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_32a_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_32b_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_64a_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_64c_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_l_lowres
  • Hanging_walkway_t_lowres

Animated models (under the folder catwalk_destruction)

A catwalk in the model browser.
  • catwalk_fx_a
  • catwalk_fx_b
  • catwalk_fx_c
  • catwalk_fx_d
  • catwalk_fx_e1
  • catwalk_fx_e2
  • catwalk_fx_e3