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A compiler error is "a problem, reported or not, which arises during the compiling process as the SourceSDK tools convert a standard Valve Hammer Editor map (.vmf) into a Half-Life 2, or other Source engine game, playable map (.bsp)." The errors covered below are inclusive of issues arising during compiling, recordable in compile logs, as well as issues resulting from flawed compiles. Below are several errors compiled from several different resources from across the internet including the former Leak-Free,, SnarkPit and, HLEditing error listings. Each are given respective credit for their work on their error listings.

Other Developer Wiki Resources

In addition to this Error Compilation, there are several other resources available on the Developer Wiki. Listed below are the ones suggested for helping with error understanding and solutions.

External Resources

If you still cannot find a solution to your problem, maybe you've hit a goldmine and are the first to have that problem! Below are some helpful communities and extra resources that would be more than willing to help you solve your problem. Remember to be nice and bring any solutions you have back to this Wiki so others can share it.