Blowout Doors

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This tutorial details how to create a normal door which, when triggered, becomes a physical object and is blown out from the door frame.


The Door

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
  1. Create your door as needed. See Doors.
  2. Once you have created your door, you will need to create a door frame. To do this, use three brushes to create an outline of your door. For ideal performance, you should use vertex manipulation to slot the pieces of the frame together, as in fig. 1.
  3. Once your frame is complete, select all the pieces, press Ctrl + T to tie them to an entity, and select func_brush from the list. Then select Never Solid in the Solidity field. You should now have a door and a frame as in fig. 2.


In order to transform the door and provide the door with physical properties, the phys_convert entity is used.

Place this entity near to your door and set the following values:

  • Name: DoorConverter
  • Entity to convert: Door

The Explosion

To create the 'blowout' effect, you need to place two explosion entities. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Place an env_explosion entity on whichever side you want the door to be blown from. If you place it behind the door, the door will blow towards you. Name this entity DoorExplosion.
  2. To create the movement of the door, place an env_physexplosion entity in the same place as the env_explosion. You should also name this entity DoorExplosion.
  3. You should now have a set up similar to fig. 3.
Fig. 3

Triggering the Effect

Place a logic_relay entity near to the door and name it RelayDoorBlow. Switch to the Outputs tab and add two new records:

  • OnTrigger > DoorConvert > ConvertTarget > Delay 0
  • OnTrigger > DoorExplosion > Explode > Delay 0.05

To trigger the effect, you should trigger the logic_relay (e.g. with a trigger_once).