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The AI_NavGoal_t structure is used to encapsulate a navigation request. It has five constructors, which accept varying destination parameters:

  1. Unspecified goal/location
  2. Vector destination
  3. Vector destination and GoalType_t
  4. AI_PathNode_t destination
  5. AI_PathNode_t destination and GoalType_t


Alongside the parameters in the list above:

Activity activity
The activity to use when moving. Overwritten by all of Valve's stock movement tasks except TASK_SCRIPT_CUSTOM_MOVE_TO_TARGET, so not useful unless you're using either that task or one of your own making.
Activity arrivalActivity
int arrivalSequence
The activity or sequence to play on arriving at the goal. Will be blended with the NPC's idle animation in Valve's stock movement tasks.
float tolerance
NPCs closer to their target than this value won't fail their task if they are blocked. See pTarget if you want the NPC to ignore a certain entity when navigating.
AI_NavGoalFlags_t flags
Movement flags - click link for detail.
CBaseEntity* pTarget
pTarget will be ignored by the navigator - i.e. the NPC won't try and find a way around it. Very useful when the goal is a model entity's origin.
float maxInitialSimplificationDist
How far to simplify the path. Game default sets the minimum.
Blank image.pngTodo: What is simplification?