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NPC_Zombie in Hammer, No crab.


npc_zombie's are the basic melee character used in Half-Life 2, they require no real work to be implemented and used within a map and can be spawned using the console and entering "npc_create npc_zombie", you may access the console by pressing the tildé (~) key located on the upper-left of most common keyboards.

Notable Information

Entering "zombie_headcrabless 1" into the console results in the headcrab attachment model and headcrab death spawning scripts both being disabled, this can be reverted by placing "0" where "1" is.

Requirements for Usage

As most NPCs, the Zombie requires path nodes in order to navigate and function more appropriately, if there are no nodes then the zombie will either stand idle awaiting enemy contact, or will wander mindlessly.

Best methods of Use

Needless to say, our zombies can work much more effectively using scripted sequences and animations, of which both add to the mood and gameplay of a map.

Most players do enjoy seeing random sequences in where, let us say, a zombie breaks through a door - such an effect is created with the use of scripted sequences, many great examples of zombies with scripts can be seen in the Ravenholm chapters of the game where zombies are constantly breaking through doors, barricades, flipping junk at you, and best of all; climbing up drain pipes.