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$continue is a QC command available in all Source Source games since Source 2006 Source 2006. It is used to insert more parameters to sequences or animations after declared, by expanding it. This somehow also allow expand macros.

$continue replaces both $prepend and $append commands.
Tip.pngTip:Place this immediately after a macro to trick the parser in thinking that you're on the same referenced $sequence or $animation.
Note.pngNote:Keep in mind that you can only use it to point to a $sequence or $animation name. Otherwise StudioMDL will throw a EXCEPTION VIOLATION.
Warning.pngWarning:For sequence or animation macros composed of a single line or do not use braces, it's a good pratice put double-backslash at line end to avoid a "Macro expand overflow".


 $continue "SequenceName" <options>


$definemacro SpyMeleeGestureAttackIKRelease gesturename filename activityname \\
$sequence $gesturename$ { \\
	$filename$ \\
	weightlist SpymeleeRightArmBlend \\
	subtract $gesturename$ 0 \\
	delta \\
	ikrule lhand release \\
	ikrule rhand release \\
	iklock rfoot 1 0 iklock lfoot 1 0 \\
	activity $activityname$ 1 \\
} \\
$continue $gesturename$
$definemacro SelfDeltaSequence FileName \\
$animation a_$FileName$   $FileName$ subtract a_$FileName$ 0 \\
$sequence    $FileName$ a_$FileName$ predelta \\
$continue    $FileName$ \\

// make a sequence named DLC1_Intro_Male_LeanUp with above macro, tell to lock both feets in position and set activity
$SelfDeltaSequence DLC1_Intro_Male_LeanUp {
	iklock "rfoot" 1 0
	iklock "lfoot" 1 0
	activity ACT_DLCINTRO_01 -1

// edit above sequence $animation, constraining it start and end
$continue a_DLC1_Intro_Male_LeanUp frames 0 269

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