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  • Two base textures are multiplied together and can be transformed independently. (Just like the Multiply blending mode in typical image editors.)
  • Unrelated to WorldVertexTransition, which is used for making alpha fading transitions between two base textures on displacements.


Stock .vmt hl2/materials/models/props_combine/portalball001_sheet.vmt

	"$basetexture" "models/props_combine/portalball001_sheet"
	"$texture2" "models/props_combine/portalball001b_sheet"
 	"$model" 1
	"$nocull" "1"
	"$additive" "1"

			"texturescrollvar" "$texture2transform"
			"texturescrollrate" -.2
			"texturescrollangle" 60


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