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XWV is the sound format used by Valve's Xbox 360 games. It is similar to the WAV format and uses the big-endian byte order. The format is defined in the SDK in Custom Iconpublic\xwvfile.h.


#define XWV_ID		(('X'<<24)|('W'<<16)|('V'<<8)|(' '<<0))
#define XWV_VERSION 4

enum xwvSampleRate_t
	XWV_RATE_11025 = 0,
	XWV_RATE_22050 = 1,
	XWV_RATE_44100 = 2,

enum xwvFormat_t

// generated in big-endian
struct xwvHeader_t
	unsigned int	id;
	unsigned int	version;
	unsigned int	headerSize;		// header only
	unsigned int	staticDataSize;		// follows header
	unsigned int	dataOffset;		// start of samples, possibly sector aligned
	unsigned int	dataSize;		// length of samples in bytes
	unsigned int	numDecodedSamples;	// for duration calcs
	int		loopStart;		// -1 = no loop, offset of loop in samples
	unsigned short	loopBlock;		// the xma block where the loop starts 
	unsigned short	numLeadingSamples;	// number of leading samples in the loop block to discard
	unsigned short	numTrailingSamples;	// number of trailing samples at the final block to discard
	unsigned short	vdatSize;		// follows seek table
	byte		format;
	byte		bitsPerSample;
	byte		sampleRate;
	byte		channels;
	byte		quality;
	byte		bHasSeekTable;		// indicates presence, follows header
	byte		padding[2];		// created as 0