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Stop command parsing for next N frames (or ticks, when run from a dedicated server).


wait N

Valid values for N: Optional amount of frames/ticks to delay the script. If omitted, defaults to 1.

Example Usage

+duck; wait 150; -duck


  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Portal 2 wait isn't available in CS:GO or Portal 2 (despite sv_allow_wait_command still being present and enabled)

Note.pngNote: The following may only apply to TF2
  • Warning.png Warning:  Some servers disable the wait command by using the cvar sv_allow_wait_command 0. If you use a looping script (which relies on wait) on a server with wait disabled, your game will crash.
PlacementTip.gif Workaround:  Use a wait tester to test beforehand whether or not the wait command is enabled. You may automate the process by hooking the aliases provided by the wait tester.