AngleVectors() and VectorAngles()

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AngleVectors() converts a QAngle into either one or three normalised Vectors.

  • If there is only one Vector, it points in the same direction as the QAngle ("forward").
  • If there are three Vectors, they point forward, right and up respectively.

VectorAngles() converts a single Vector into a QAngle. You can optionally pass a pseudoup Vector which is useful if you're creating the QAngle based on orthogonal axes and don't want to lose rotational information; it will merely determine the roll component of the QAngle.

Note.png Note: None of the functions return values; instead, you must declare all the variables you need beforehand. AngleVectors() requires you to pass pointers while VectorAngles() does not.


Vector fwd, rt, up;
AngleVectors( myAngle, &fwd, &rt, &up);
QAngle angles;
VectorAngles( myVector, angles );