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This page lists articles, interviews and features relating to Valve that have appeared in the press. Since this site is a developer resource, please keep this list limited to information that is relevant to developers. It is not the intention of this page to list previews, promotional interviews and other articles that simply promote Valve's games, since this would make this list bloated and of reduced usefulness.

Cabal Process


The Cabal Process is a decentralised game development method practised by Valve. The following external links describe the method, as well as going into detail about some of Valve's game design philosophies and theories.

  • The Cabal: Valve’s Design Process For Creating Half-Life Website (by Ken Birdwell, 1999)
  • Valve's Design Process for Creating Half-Life 2 Overview MP3 PPT GDC2006

Valve at Game Developers Conference 2006

Valve took part in four lectures at the GDC2006 industry event.

  • Valve's Design Process for Creating Half-Life 2 Overview Download
    • Brian Jacobson
    • David Speyrer
  • Physical Gameplay in Half-Life 2 Overview
    • Jay Stelly
  • What's Next in Digital Distribution & Mainstream Games Overview
    • Gabe Newell
    • Greg Zeschuk (Bioware)
    • Ray Muzyka (Bioware)
    • Greg Canessa (Xbox Live)
    • Lars Brubaker (Reflexive Entertainment)
    • Thomas Arundel (Introversion)
  • The Art of Munging AI Overview
    • Tom Leonard (Valve)
    • Jessica Bayliss (Ass't Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology)
    • John O'Brien (Red Storm)

There was also a session about Counter-Strike Neo, the arcade version of Counter-Strike developed by Namco. Their player data analysis (enjoyment/behavior model) is insightful even if you are not interested in localization. Gamasutra feature

  • The Localization of Counter-Strike in Japan Overview Download
    • Kouichirou Taninami (Project Manager, Namco LTD.)

HL2:Ep1 Retrospective

Marc Laidlaw and David Speyrer discuss a few of the goals and decisions behind Half-Life 2: Episode One, providing some valuable insight into how their design processes and philosophies, with an emphasis on narrative issues.

Hardware Day `06

This is an overview of where Valve technology is going.