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VGUI Label is a VGUI control found in the vgui_controls library. Labels are useful for displaying small amounts of text. For displaying blocks or paragraphs of text, see VGUI RichText.

Object description

An object which displays text. It can additionally be used (in conjunction with a hotkey and the associate property set) to set the focus to the object named as the associated.

Often used before VGUI TextEntry entries to tell the user what function the TextEntry has.


This object is available in all Source games. In code it is represented by class Label (derived from class Panel), defined in public/vgui_controls/Label.h and contained in the namespace vgui. The source file is located at: vgui2/controls/Label.cpp

Inherits from Panel. Text uses the control VGUI TextImage to render.


  • Font
<string> The font to render the text with.
Default: "Default"
If given font is invalid, reverts to default.
  • labelText
<string> The text to display.
Default: NULL ("", empty string)
May be a localized string if starts with #
Ex. "labelText" "#Title"

If it contains an & the next character and the next only will be considered as a hotkey. If the next character is not usable it will
continue parsing starting on the key AFTER the next. So, if it contains two consecutive &, it will fail, both will be disregarded
and a third & would be the one that starts a new key lookup. The hotkey has to be alphanumeric.

 "labelText" "&a", a is hotkey
 "labelText" "&.a", no hotkey
 "labelText" "&.&a", a is hotkey
 "labelText" "&a&b", a is hotkey
 "labelText" "&&a", no hotkey
 "labelText" "&&&a&&b&c", a is hotkey

If the text is regular text it will lookup using <code>isalnum()</code>, if it is localized (started with #) it will use <code>iswalnum()</code>.

Hotkeys are automatically lower-cased. They fire <code>OnHotkeyPressed()</code>.

May be a localized variable if between '%'s
Ex. "labelText" "%localize_me%"

Will do:
 localize()->AddString( "var_%localize_me%", L"%localize_me%", "" );
 Label->SetText( "#var_%localize_me%" );
  • textAlignment
<string> How the text within the label is aligned.
Default: "", -1, (unkown)
Valid range:
  • "north-west"
  • "north"
  • "north-east"
  • "west"
  • "center"
  • "east"
  • "south-west"
  • "south"
  • "south-east"
  • associate
<string> The control this label is associated with. Will transfer control to this control when hotkey sequence is pressed.
Default: ""
  • dulltext
Default: 0
Valid range: 0, 1
If 1 sets colorstate CS_DULLTEXT
Note.pngNote:If its value is 1 the entry brighttext will be skipped (if present).
  • brighttext
Default: 0
Valid range: 0, 1
If 1 sets colorstate CS_BRIGHTTEXT
Note.pngNote:Will be skipped if the entry dulltext is present and its value is 1.
Note.pngNote:The default colorstate for a Label is CS_NORMAL
  • wrap
<integer> Specifies whether or not to wrap the text to the next line if too long.
Default: 0
Valid range: 0, 1