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The VCD Blocking Tool is an unreleased in-game tool that appears to be related to creating simple choreography scenes in-game.

It was mistakenly released during the 2007 Team Fortress 2 beta, though nobody seems to have got it working before the whole tools system was deactivated and it is incompatible with the current build of the engine.


"Language" "English" 
"VcdBlockNoFile"		"No .VMF loaded"
"VcdBlockProperties"		"Entity Properties"
"VcdBlockEntityReport"		"Entity Report"
"VcdBlockDeleteObjects"	"Delete Objects?"
"VcdBlockDeleteObjectsMsg"	"Are you sure you want to delete the selected objects?"
"VcdBlockProperties"		"Properties"
"VcdBlockEntityReport"		"Entity Report"
"VcdBlockViewDefault"		"Default Layout"
"VcdBlockReload"		"Reload map"
"VcdBlockReloadFromSave"	"Reload from quicksave"
"VcdBlockAddNewNodes"		"Add New Info Targets"
"VcdBlockAddNewNodesHelp"	"Enter info target creation mode"
"VcdBlockCopyEditsToVMF"	"Copy Edits to VMF"
"VcdBlockRememberPosition"	"Remember Player Position"


The following strings can be found in vcdblock.dll:

Valve VLE File (*.vle) vcdblock_vle_session Choose Valve VLE File *.bsp Valve BSP File (*.bsp) vcdblock_bsp_session Choose Valve BSP File maps #VcdBlockEntityReport #VcdBlockProperties InfoTargetBrowserPanel cfg/vcdblock.txt VcdBlock entityreport properties noclip Left Click To Place Info Target ESC to exit CVcdBlockTool::OnCloseNoSave Fatal error loading '%s' preview target resource/toolvcdblock_%language%.txt restart +%s [ '%s' ] - %i operations %i operations in stack OnSave OnNew OnOpen OnSaveAs OnCloseNoSave OnMarkNotDirty AddNewNodes CopyEditsToVMF RememberPosition OnToggleProperties OnToggleEntityReport OnDefaultLayout undo #undo_help redo #redo_help VcdBlockAddNewNodes #VcdBlockAddNewNodesHelp OnDescribeUndo OnRedo OnUndo OnTool rememberposition addnewnodes #VcdBlockRememberPosition VcdBlockRememberPosition copyeditstovmf #VcdBlockCopyEditsToVMF VcdBlockCopyEditsToVMF #VcdBlockAddNewNodes ToolGeneral VCD Blocking Tool cfg/VcdBlock.kb worldSpaceViewTarget viewTarget time playbackrate lod sequence body skin color DmeMDL orientation position DmeTransform [%8.3f] stall blend %.2f on %s:%s:%d:%d [%8.3f] stall on %s:%s:%d:%d [%8.3f] hitch on %s:%s:%d:%d Invalid index passed to CStudioHdr(%s)::GroupStudioHdr(): %d, but max is %d [%d] Call to NULL CStudioHdr::GroupStudioHdr() mod_load_showstall 1 - show hitches , 2 - show stalls CTSListBase: Misaligned list CTSListBase: Misaligned node anim_3wayblend Toggle the 3-way animation blending code. shape visible CBaseToolSystem::PostInit: Unable to get '%s' interface from game .dll VSERVERTOOLS001 CBaseToolSystem::PostInit: Unable to get '%s' interface from client .dll VCLIENTTOOLS001 cl_showpausedimage