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Problem fixing leak...

Hi! Welcome to the VDC! I took the liberty of replying to your question at the Help Desk. Note that you had placed the question at the Answered Questions section, so I moved it to the "unanswered" part. I hope it helps! --Etset 16:30, 14 Jan 2008 (PST)

Still regarding your Help Desk question: No problem ;) Hope you can solve your problem and learn a few tricks while you're at it :) If you see that your question has been fully answered and that the problem is solved, you should move all of it (your question + subsequent answers to your question) to the Answered Questions part of the Help Desk (See the guidelines at: Asking a question.)
If, however, you feel that your question has not been fully answered and you are still in need of assistance, please write it down after the last reply you made, so that people know you're still waiting for help. Cheers! --Etset 07:45, 15 Jan 2008 (PST)
Ok so I let the map compile after fixing the leak. I took about four hours then at the end it said my map size was too large. Do you know what the max size is? Oh and is 4 hours a long time for a full compile? Since I'm new to this I don't know. Thanks again.SkiBo 09:04, 15 Jan 2008 (PST)
Don't write stuff on people's User pages, write on their Talk pages ;) My talk page is here! :)
Regarding the compile time, I reckon it can vary a lot with various factors (how well optimized your map is, how fast your processor is, how many high-consuming processes you might have running as well (avoid this), etc...). As Angry Beaver pointed out (see bellow), it's probably a question of optimization: try reading those links I posted on the Help Desk, I think they can be very helpful ;).
Regarding that "error" about the map size being too large, I haven't the slightest idea (I really don't know much about the tools) ... I hope someone else can help you out. Perhaps you should consider copying the result of your compile process and pasting it here, so that others can interpret what happened when you compiled your map. Keep on it! :) --Etset 15:31, 15 Jan 2008 (PST)

4 hours

4 hour compile times are gigantic. A compile should take <15 seconds for VBSP <1 minute vor VVIS and ~1 hour for VRAD at worst. Look into some of the optimization guides on the wiki --Angry Beaver 09:51, 15 Jan 2008 (PST)