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Hello, I'm Philip. I have been playing Counter Strike for a year, and have been designing levels on the SDK editor for roughly the same ammount of time. However, I can't ever seem to finish a level properly. I'm getting better, though, despite recent updates for Steam ruining my attempts to make a dam level. First 'error code 211' and now all the textures in the editor are black. I have to use the lightmap grid to see anything at all on the editor. However, as soon as these problems are fixed I'll be making levels again. Another problem I've got is that after creating a single player level in CSS, leaving to the main menu for CSS again makes the program run at about 1 frame per second, eventually crashing. This has made the journey of making a map a long and junk filled one (so to speak). I hope my level isn't the same...

Well done with Source, Valve. I'm looking forward to any further updates.

I presume this space is to write about personal experiences? If not, please delete this page. Quickly.

  • Welcome! The page where you write about your personal experience (or w/e you want) is in the user page - this page is mainly for people who wants to talk to you, enjoy your stay!--RP 08:29, 30 Dec 2005 (PST)