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Hey thanks for helping out with the portal side of things, if you need any help just as k me, and I'll be glad to lend a hand.--Gear 00:33, 22 Oct 2007 (PDT)


Operantly I am somewhat of a noob. Thanks for the tip. But, when talking like this, are you suppose to write back under the message your answering or are you suppose to write it in the other persons talk page (like I am now)? And the end thingy ("--User:Gherghetta 9:03...") do you have to write it manually or have I missed something? --User:Gherghetta 9:03 PM, 28 Oct 2007 (UTC)

Ah, sweet thanks, I'll adopt that method! --Gherghetta 14:29, 29 Nov 2007 (PST)


Sorry I didnt know that you could preview a page before you could post it as I just started making a wiki yesterday. Thanks for the tip ;)

It's bad!

Why you delete my topic??? (RUSSIAN TOPIC ON RUSSIAN CATEGORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) YOU WRITE ENGLISH! ON RUSSIAN!!!! >:-O --]{o$Тя 11:20, 5 September 2009 (UTC)