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hello every one can some one help me i purchase hl2 when i install all hl2 file in gcf why in .gcf i activate the key with steam but dont work why steam say u dont have hl2 install u wanna download why why why some onle plz help me my email address is [email protected] give some hints to solve the problem

Oi, Have you tried to verify the Steam cache? Tchau --wisemx 11:27, 30 Oct 2005 (PST)

What's the problem?—ts2do 01:59, 23 Jun 2006 (PDT)

can any one tell me how to make a broken simple wall like in lockdown map and plz tell me where i can download every toturial in video or in pic every thing i want to know can some one help plz i wanna make a map i just make a simple map but its under construcktion i just need more help to complete it and tell me about sky all over the map i use in map {envirement_light} if i use this then it show the map all over the sky plz help and how to make circle thing like a {pipe}

                     H A M M E E R -H A L F-L I F E 2  S .D. K
  • The user Deadity is asking you; What language are you speaking Mama0?
I speak Russian, Finnish and Swedish.
Your English is unintelligible, but If you speak any of the languages ↑above↑ I can help you.
Don't empty out other peoples talk pages. People that do that must be shot.--Deadity 15:05, 24 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Elevator tutorial

I'm kinda busy with work right now and can't explain how to make an elevator. Try using a func_tracktrain or something. Here is a pre-existing elevator tutorial, klick here> Elevators.