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Hi, and ask your questions in the Help Desk area, oddly making pages for it wont help.--Gear 23:28, 8 Feb 2008 (PST)

(giving him the links would help) When you can't find any solution to your problem at the Source SDK FAQ/Level Design FAQ, FAQ more help and Answered Help Desk Questions pages, please post your problems on the Help Desk.
Welcome to the VDC Lokikh! I've looked up this "Failed to load Launcher DLL" error on the SteamPowered forums and found this. It says you should not automatically run the map when compiled (this can be changed in the Hammer configuration options), and instead run your game manually after Hammer has finished compiling it. When the game loads, click "Create a Server" on the main menu, and launch your map from there!
Note to Gear: You should have noticed that the page you're referring to was linked to from the Category:Level Design FAQ (another user created the link), and that this does seem to be a common error people bump into. Lokikh simply clicked on the link at Category:Level Design FAQ and went to the page, to ask for some advice. I've created a page for that error, but not with that enormous title... --Etset 04:41, 9 Feb 2008 (PST)