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Hello all,

I had an idea for a single player mod, only one draw back I am a complete NOOB in the half-life modding process. Most I ever did was play the game from half-life to half-life2(includes counterstrike and a;; versions to date). I played for fun was an average player stats always balnced out.When I get a playable beta I will post it to planet half-life and other areas for downloading.I know the standard is 5 weeks but im new and do not have a team set yet. hopefully by sunday will have the folks I need to get things rolling quickly.

visual c++ 2003

Does anyone know how to get visual c++ 2003 since microsoft replaced it with 2005 or know how to work around it haveing way to many errors during compiling.

EBay? Amazon? --Amckern 22:10, 15 Jun 2006 (PDT)