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The best stuff is always the worst to clean up

Who am I?

I'm amckern, also known as Adam McKern. I'm a 25-year-old-male and live in Australia. I speak English, and understand German.

What do I do?

I'm a Programmer, and a Level Designer. I also lead my own commerical game studio Nigredo Studios, where we are making nightfall (under the direction of Krem) and other interactive entertainment products, such as Prime, and AVPS.

How to communicate with me?

Email/MSN/: [email protected]
Feel free to add me

My friends

ts2do (AKA Aaron) - You can't get better then Aaron on the VDC
Jay Stelly - Jay Rocks!
Dutch - and i stole his user page design

My links

amckerns Maps, Mods and Half Life Stuff

Nigredo Logo.png