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My hammer looks ugly in the last weeks and there is a(n absolutely NOT perfect, but) possible solution! I found this page(SDK workaround), but PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! It's written 2 years ago, but still helped me (Sounds weird huh?). The main trick is that we tell hammer to use direct X 8 for rendering.

run hammer with "-dxlevel 80" command line options

It doesn't look so fancy, but for development it's perfect. In the 2d views there are some problems, but I think I can handle it with visgroups. (I mean make a new visgroup for models, and check it on only when looking at the 3D view and while compiling.)

It will look like this (I hope):

Hammer dx8.png

Note: There's need no need for backup and stuff, it's about adding a shortcut next to hammer.