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If you're Chinese, you can check my user page on Moegirlpedia

About myself

I'm Ellent (Please call me "极影" in Chinese). I'm a Source Mapper/Modder of the SMCC(Source Mapping/Modding Chinese Community), Touhou Fan, former Undertale Fan, and Vtuber/Utaite weeb

I made maps/mods for Half-Life 2, just because I only have the experience of HL2.

Since 2018 (or more later or earlier? I couldn't remember). I started developing my first Half-Life 2 mod: Other-Project: Comet Cage (inspired by AASC's Other-Life series) with some guy of Chinese HL Community. Now it's still developing. In this mod, you play as a formal Civil Protection named Ellent (Yeah same name, but he's not me actually), comes across a strange girl and a universal scale catastraphe following that.

Why do you want to modding for HL2?

Well, the reason is pretty simple: After I complete the Combine Destiny (A mod you can play as the Combine Soldier, I think you've heard about it) in 2016. I suddenly have a thought: playing as the Combine is pretty cool, I wanna make a mode like this one! So I started learning mapping of HL2, it also meant I step into a development hell can't turninf back, but I got it pretty slowly after 4 years (But tbh I don't regret it.)