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Disused will be a co-op campaign for Left 4 Dead. There is currently no set plan, but I have a general idea in my head-- the map is "organically" growing. Once I begin planning the structure of the map I will release details / images on this page.

Chapter 1: Industrial

Survivors start outside a building through an office-like area and into a Maintainance elevator. The elevator abruptly stops and the doors open upon a floor (see first few images), the Survivors then drop down through a hole in the floor into some concrete pipes below. The level they have dropped down to is currently flooding with water (currently has sound but no water source-- todo). Afterwhich the Survivors then end up behind a broken stairwell, a half-open gate leads them to outdoors, where an overrun outpost is situated. Possibly a crescendo event can be placed here. After climbing a ladder onto an AC unit, walking through a broken wall leads to the temporary safe room.

All images available here.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, please put them on the discussion page.

Current Progress

Chapter 1: Map Structure: 94% Entities: 1% Beautification: 1%

All percentages given are estimations. I take no responsibility for their accuracy.