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Welcome to Reality

Welcome to Reality is a modern-futuristic day warfare mod for Half-Life 2. It takes place on both border cities, Windsor Ontario (Canada), and Detroit Michigan (USA). The United States of America decides to invade Canada for some good reason (il figure that out later, everyone kept getting mad at us because of our old stories...). You will play as 2 different Canadian Resistance Fighters throughout the singleplayer campaign, using both modern day and futuristic weapons (im aiming for about 10-15). The layout of the levels will be close to the real layout of Windsor (I live there, as well as a friend who may help me with mapping). Im really not good at giving out information, so if you would like more just lemme know and il see what i can do.
Wallpaper made by Mod Leader, PanFrie

We are currently looking for:

  • Coders

Yes, thats all we are looking for at the moment... we have no progress on the mod, (aside from the loading menu of the game) but the first thing I would like to have rolling is the coding, seeing as thats the hardest part.

Stuff I've Made

Day of Defeat: Source FGD

I made an fgd file when the day of defeat source update containing the detonation gameplay was released. The file contains only the new entities, dod_bomb_target, dod_bomb_dispenser, and func_team_wall. This needs to be mounted with the official dod.fgd, or a custom one you have.

DoD 1.3 Maps

My day of defeat 1.3 maps.


This map was made for the matchers of a clan I was with, the Buxom Bombshells. I was asked to make :a map that had specific things in it, on which I expanded. The map contains:
  • Shooting Range (Rifles)
  • Shooting Range (Grenades)
  • Shooting Range (Rockets)
  • Shooting Range (Pistols)
  • Room Clearing
  • Window Clearing
  • Weapon Sound Recognition
  • Sniper Training
  • Sniper Clearing / Dodging
  • Maze

With this map comes 3 others, Training_Map_Small, Training_Map_Medium, and Training_Map_Large. These maps are relatively small. they contain 3 flags, one by the allies spawn, one by the axis spawn, and the third in the middle of a hill in the middle of the map. The main area is full of various sized boxes.
The pack can be downloaded here.


This map was never actually released for dod 1.3. Its an S shaped map with two side paths per team.


A figure 8 shaped sewer with a spawn at each end. Made only for knifing. You lose all your weapons on spawn and get only a knife. Lots of fun for us melee whores. Every once in a while my friend Tyler would get a gun out, and everyone went after him to get the weapon.

Source Maps

A bunch of maps I made for Day of Defeat: Source.


A remake of my 1.3 map. It is having a few FPS problems at the moment though.


Again, a remake of my 1.3 map. Its the exact same, but has no weapon stripping.

Other Stuff

Random other things I've done.

Day of Defeat Source Football Skins

A fellow clanmate figured out how to play Football, Baseball, and tennis in Day of Defeat: Source. He made a map containing a football field, a tennis court, and a baseball diamond. We played many rounds of it, then I decided to make skins so it looked better.

You can download the skins for the Germans and Americans.

Banana Hat Icon

In the clan I used to be with, All Talk was always on, and when someone on the opposing team talked, you could see the voice icon avoe their head, so you knew they were there. It was yellow, and from afar it looked like a banana, hence the name, Banana Hat.

Download: HERE

note: This is for Day of Defeat 1.3

CrossHair Pack

A dod 1.3 crosshair pack I made a long time ago. It has 3 sets of the same crossahirs, each a different colour; Red, Green and Yellow.

The pack contains:

  • 1 - Cross With Dot
  • 2 - Old Crosshairs
  • 3 - Small Triangles
  • 4 - Dot
  • 5 - Sniper Scope
  • 6 - Large Triangles
  • 7 - Spectator
  • 8 - Cross
  • 9 - Star
  • 10- V
  • 11- Boobs
  • 12- Small Spectator
  • 13- Large Diamond With 4 Small Diamonds Inside
  • 14- Diamond With Cross
  • 15- Diamond
  • 16- Small Diamond


Sniper Scopes

Once again, for dod 1.3. These sniper scopes remove all the black on the outside of the scope, so you can see your entire screen. Not fair, I know, but I still used them.

Download: HERE

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]
G-Talk: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
Steam Friends: [email protected] <--- wow old... Game Broadcasting Live...