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Jonathan "NuclearFriend" Murphy


Professional game programmer who works in the Australian game development industry. I'm an all round nice-guy, feel free to contact me on anything!

Previous mods

  • Resistance And Liberation (Released) - Was Lead Programmer, it was a Source mod being developed by team Digital History.
  • Shores of Victory (Released) - A WW2 Pacific Theatre mod that I worked on at the behest of a friend from Flanders Fields. This mod was highly anticipated, seen as a possible "DoD killer". Unfortunately, their programmer was lax and it was suffering from severe problems. Eventually, testers and developers grew tired of the "broken code" and development petered out. My friend asked me to at least have a look at it and two months later (after fixing it up and adding many more features), it was ready for release. The release was met well, with over 200 people at the IRC release party. Most people had constructive comments to make, believing it was a good game that just needed more work. Yet as this was nearing the release of HL2 and the team were working on other projects, Shores of Victory was disbanded shortly after release.
  • Flanders Fields/The Somme Valley (Unreleased) - I eventually progressed to this mod, at the time called the Somme Valley (the HL version), intrigued by this whole "World War 1" thing. Alot of progress was made, but sadly this did not see the light of day before HL2 came out. We used the capture point code from the open-source The Battlegrounds under the GPL, to speed up progress.
  • Sands of War (Released) - My first mod, which I joined while starting to learn C++ at the vibrant age of 16.


  • Steam friends: nuclearfriendv2