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This MP mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


The goal of Resistance and Liberation is to realistically portray the events and actions taken by the 82nd Airborne during their stay in Normandy.

Our initial release will follow the regiments through a campaign that mimics that followed by the men themselves. The campaign will begin with players dropping into Normandy in the early hours of June 6th, with the ultimate objective of capturing the town of Ste. Mère Église. From there subsequent maps will include missions based on locations such as Ste. Marie Du Mont, St. Come Du Mont, Carentan Causeway, La Fière and other key areas.

Our approach in recreating such events is quite different than that of most standard first person games. The principle focus is realism. Just to list a few details, the following items are being implemented.

  • No crosshair.
  • Weight and inertia added to weaponry.
  • No HUD.
  • No death messages.
  • Revised score display.
  • An advanced damage system.
  • Morale system and squad-based gameplay.


Ste. Mère Église
Ste. Marie Du Mont
St. Come Du Mont
La Fière

Now we'll explain the above details a little further. We'll start with the crosshair.

No Crosshair

The idea here is for the player to familiarize themselves with their weapon. Each weapon will have three positions of use. First you have the "hip"? position. This will be your typical position of the weapon while moving at a steady pace. About the only effective use of this position would be for extreme close quarters combat, or covering fire on an enemy position.

The second position will be the "shoulder"? position. In this position the player sacrifices some movement speed and agility while gaining a degree of accuracy. The player will have a view down and slightly above the barrel of the weapon, giving them a slight advantage over “hip”.

The final position is the most accurate position a player can use. This position is of course "iron sights"?. Here the player brings the weapon fully up to their shoulder/cheek and uses the sights available on each weapon. In this position, the player sacrifices an even great amount of movement and agility, but gains much more accuracy.

Weight and Inertia added to weaponry

Continuing from the aiming positions, each weapon will have a weight and intertia property assigned to them. What this means is that a soldier carrying a light sub-machine gun will have much great turning and aiming ability than another soldier carrying a much heavier weapon, such as an MG42. By implementing these properties, sub-machine guns will have the close combat advantage that they rarely have in other games. As well, riflemen will have a much more difficult time slinging around their weapon than a soldier carrying a lighter gun.

Full Ballistics added to weaponry

A complete ballistics system will be implemented for all weapons. Bullet calibur, rate of fire, velocity, bullet drop, etc will all be taken into account. The goal is for each weapon to behave according to its real world counter-part. Players who take the time to learn their weapon, its characteristics behaviors will have a significant advantage over others in combat.


RnL will not include a HUD in first person perspective. Instead, all details normally accounted for in the HUD will presented in individual and hopefully unique ways. For example, instead of having a compass or directional locator, a player may have to communicate with an NCO, who will carry a map, to determine their current location.

No Death Messages

To further extend the realism of RnL servers will no longer display the typical death message associate with today's first person shooters. Players will need to re-think their tactics when assaulting an enemy location. They will need to play with more caution, considering a player could have gone prone or only been slightly damaged by an attacking player.

Revised Score Display

We're going to the extreme here and taking out a scoreboard. Instead, players will be shown a recap of the map objectives and which force was victorious. The idea here is to promote more teamplay. Players shouldn't be focused on who got the most kills, but how their team is performing as a whole. As a member of an Airborne unit, your personal objective is to assist in the unit's objective.

Advanced Damage System

Depending on engine limitations, we're hoping to expand damage into a per poly hit detection system. It would allow us to create more specified locations that would produce varying amounts of damage effects to a player. Both his physical and mental health will be taken into effect.


As you can see, we're trying to change gameplay fairly dramatically. We'd like players to get a sense of commradeary when engaging in multiplayer battles. We want to stress the importance of each individual on the battlefield, and the strenths and weaknesses they each pose.

Help Wanted

The team is currently looking for a project lead and a coder. For more information, see here.

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