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[plug]Working as a C# Programmer in Atlanta, GA. Currently have an AAS in Computer Information Systems w/ an emphasis on programming and systems analysis. Currently attending Devry University for a Bachelors Degree in Game and Simulation programming. Began programming at age 11 in BASIC on Apple 2e's during break periods in elementary school. Began C++ development at age 14 and haven't quit since. [/plug]

Wrote HL1 mods for 4 years, going on 4 years of writing HL2 mods.

Former projects include:

  • Spud Gun Mod
  • SK8HL (Never released)
  • Nuke! (Never released)
  • Jungle Mist (Never Released)
  • Firearms Half-Life (v2.65 - post 2.9, not all of 3.0)
  • Firearms 2 (Never released)
  • Firearms: Source (current)

Portfolio Site: