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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


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Firearms 2 is being developed by another sect of the original Firearms players with approval from the Firearms rights owner Eric "Zerk" Smith. It is aimed at returning. It has a lot of the same guns as the original version along with a few new ones, like the MK23, Glock20, and Benelli Nova. Firearms 2 will also feature the classic Akimbo MAC10's that were so loved in Firearms 2.5.

Firearms 2 contains realistic components such as true-to-form animations and weapon models, recoil, and bleeding just to name a few. There is a skill system which allows players to progress in rank as they gain points while playing. With these skills players are given the ability to chose a combination of skills such as Artillery, Field Medicine, Marksmanship, Leadership, and Nomenclature. Some of these skills have varying levels of expertise. For example a player with Medicine 1 can give bandages to other players if they're out, stop bleeding, and suture wounds. Players who have progressed to the level of Medicine 2 have the ability to replenish health to a higher level than those with Medicine 1. They can also mend broken legs and revive wounded soldiers on the ground to keep the reinforcement count high.

There are several modes of play. The most common being the Push gameplay. This is where each team is competing to control various points on a map, but each must be captured in a specified order to win the round--hence the name Push. Other types of gameplay include Search and Destroy where each team must defend a specified object from being destroyed by the other team, and territorial control which is similar to push but the control points may be captured in any order.

The main objective is to keep your reinforcement count above the enemy's reinforcement count. The reinforcement count of each team dictates the number of times players can collectively die before they lose. For example if Blue's reinforcement count is at 128 and Red's reinforcement count is at 130 then it is considered that Red is winning. Blue's players can respawn a total of 128 more times where the Red players can respawn a total of 130 more times before the game ends. The team which is taking the most casualties loses reinforcements at a higher rate than the opposing team. Reinforcements may be retrieved by capturing certain objectives on the map or healing wounded soldiers.

Each Firearms 2 player is given a number of credits once they enter the game. They can use these credits to purchase weapons and armor to customize their arsenal to whatever they're most comfortable with. Given the number of armor types and weapons in the game, this gives the player the opportunity to fine tune their arsenal to a multitude of combinations.


  • Over 30 weapons with true-to-life animations and sound
  • 9 potential skills to help players during battle
  • Customizable arsenal configuration with over 50 combination possibilities
  • NEW Save/Restore arsenal configuration feature lets you save any number of arsenal configurations for use again and again
  • Firemodes for each weapon with realistic graphical representation on the HUD
  • Bipods on machine guns and sniper rifles which help keep the gun on target while shooting by reducing the amount of recoil
  • Continuous action, no waiting to respawn
  • Fast paced, adrenaline-pumping gameplay


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Teaser Video

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  • Eric "Zerk" Smith - Advisor
  • Jonneh - Administration, Team Coordinator
  • Lee (RapidFire) - 2D Art
  • Rifleman - Administration, Server Support
  • Christian Oelund - 3D Art, Animation
  • ELEMENTT_ - 3D Art
  • Flakk - 3D Art, Animation
  • Maincore Meltdown - 2D Art
  • MisterD - 3D Art, Animation
  • Mazor - Programming, Sound, UI Art
  • Richei - Level Design
  • SabreNoose - Level Design
  • Smilie - Level Design
  • Tokki - Level Design

Localized versions

Currently this mod is being developed in English, but can be easily converted to other languages using the language files located in mod's resource folder. Example: firearms2_english.txt contains the English texts. Another can be created for German by creating a translated version of the English file and saving it as firearms2_german.txt. However all text identifiers (anything beginning with #) must remain unchanged.

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