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Contact Info

Current Project

Team Leader/Lead Designer of Evolution - A post-apocolyptic multiplayer modification featuring new weapons, maps, characters, game modes, and abilities.

A little about Lord Neptune

Been gaming all his life. Dreams of one day becoming a well established game designer. Interested in modifying games since the original Doom was released. Been working on level designs since those days, working up until the current 3d engines. He hopes to get back into the level design field with his current project as well as delve into the realm of programming. Having graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in computer science, minoring in creative writing and Japanese, Lord Neptune feels that programming and designing games would be within his grasp. He plans to work on modifications for popular games until that dream becomes a reality. His first modification Evolution has been quite a challenge for him, but he feels that once this project is finished, he will have a good grasp on how the process works, and should be able to work towards his ultimate modification goal... creating a full-fledged cooperative Role Playing Game.