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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Hl2px16.gifEvolution is a multiplayer modification for Half Life 2. It features at least 11 new levels, new weapons, 7 game modes, both old and new, and the ability to customize your character's abilities during the matches in order to tune your powers to different situations. -Taken directly from the FAQ.


  • 5 sets of abilities that can be leveled up and changed throughout a match in real-time
    • Agility - jump higher, perform backflips, wall jump, dual wielding weapons, and ultimately the ability to fly
    • Mental Strength - more points (Mental Capacity) to use other abilities, some abilities last longer, Mental Capacity regeneration, and telekinesis
    • Physical Endurance - take more damage, regenerate health, additional armor capabilities, and creation of impenetrable force fields
    • Physical Strength - deal more damage, charge weapons, hit harder, and eventually shoot energy from the hands
    • Speed - run/reload/strike/move/everything faster, eventually leads to teleportation abilities
  • New weapons designed around balancing the new abilities listed above
  • New game modes using these abilities and weapons
  • New maps to house these new game modes


This mod started as a basic idea back in 2003 and has grown to a full-fledged concept. Throughout the years, we have seen people come and go, which has stunted progress on the modification a great deal. It took about a full year, until the summer of 2004, for the concept for this modification to become solid. At that point, new members joined up, a new website was launched, and things were looking good. Eventually, a lot of the new members went onto better things, realizing that their time would not be able to be spent on developing a modification of this size. It is now 2006 and we have some new and very dedicated members, but we still need more help,so Evolution is now on the lookout for more ambitious people to add to this history, eventually pushing this mod to a releasable state for all to enjoy.


Ryan/Lord Neptune: (Leader) Lead Designer, Programming, web design, and public relations

Dennis/CubeDude89: (Co-Leader) Mapping, Modeling, Animator, Public relations, Scripting, and texture artist

Oskar/Victorystick: Modeler

Nukemem87: Modeler

chibisalad111: Mapper

Retired ________

VOODOOmagic - Conceptual Artist

Fabio/fabiodan30: Animator

Andrew/XGentic: Mapper

Ted/WatchMaker: Mapper

Help Wanted

Want to help?

If you have any of these skills:

  • Programming (2 needed)
  • Mapping (0 needed)
  • Modeling Characters/Guns/Props (1 needed)
  • Animation (0 needed)
  • 2D design (1 needed)

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Or contribute and send files to [email protected] Cubedude 09:25, 22 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Other info