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About Me

Well, I figured I was out of the newbish stage when I started testing out a logic_timer being tied to a case and compair.

Contact Details

SteamID: Karrus

Places I'm know to be at for a Neo-TF Server)

Here obviously


I'll add more later

New Wall Measurement & Tool Textures For Hammer

I made some new tool texture for the Hammer Editor. These tools have no parameters set to them(unlike tools such as player clip, hint, and light block). They allow the mapper to keep better track of brush based enities such as func precipitation, func_illusionary,triggerwind, func_dustmotes, and perhaps any other use one might find for them.

  • I've reuploaded the tool textures with two new wall measurement textures. These are for size 96 and 112 unit walls. Don't ask me what the point was of doing this, I just wanted a wall measurement besides the 128 unit texture which would also show the player's height. And as you can see, they *are* scaled correctly. If it turns out that this was already done by Valve, I certanily never found it.

New Tool & Wall Textures

New Tools
New Wall Measurements

My W.I.P.

Though I've messed around with hammer for about a year now, I have yet to actually "make" my own complete map. So I thought a good start would be a place I've always want to visit, that of course being the nightclub Amnesia on an island off the coast of Spain.

Here's a reference photo, a screenshot at the same angle, and of the dj booth that I've completed so far:

Concept Shot
Dev Shot
DJ Booth