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all about game4ever

A little about me:
Im 14 years old (13/4/'92), i live in lancashire, england,
i am in the process of writing a book, but its not goin well as i am using it for GCSE coursework.

random things

                             BE HAPPY
fadunk, guys! caff nirvana rules (wigan version) i live to rock and roll!!! booya!
my other websites are: and
and yes, these are blogs.
hmmmmm.... thanks to CRABBYDATA for being such a GOOD help when i myself am useless.... THANKS CRABBYDATA!!!
No problem, my friend :-) "To be, or to become", that's what counts here ;-) --CrabbyData 14:18, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT)
there is nooo distance between us... your standing on my foot! (the all dissing vortigaunt)
My life is a complex unstructured mess. Try and structure it and you will end up with something never seen before. try and uncomplicate it and I will change. Try and tidy it and there will be something unpresedented.
my msn name is (as of the present day 03/07/06) DUC DE UG!!!{my reality, not yours}


door creation