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Equalizer (Equalizer5118)
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Nothing big is going on rn, just school things really. Feeling good, my monthly dose of depression hasn't hit in 2 months, so life's great. Currently working on lang stuff in my free time, so if you wanna help me be my guest!

If you need my help immediately, feel free to DM me on Discord (Username should be to the right).

Aight, that's the end of my check in. Have a good day everyone!

-Equalizer5118, an idiot who cant spel (talk) 09:19, 8 January 2024 (PST)


Hey there, just a normal person doing normal things in a normal town in a weird world. I sometimes edit pages, but I mostly use this wiki for mapmaking help for maps in Portal 2. I am a Portal 2: Community Edition Portal 2: Community Edition Quality Assurance tester, and I am now a developer for Espionage, an upcoming p2ce mod. I am also an amateur photographer. Some of my pictures are at the bottom of the page

Favorite things

Least favorite word: *****leaked*****
Favorite words: Load Pointfile
Favorite entities: func_instance, env_projectedtexture, env_cascade_light
Favorite Shader: Shader-ball.png PBR (Strata shader)

Biggest Accomplishments

  • I am the creator of this type of userpage, which I am naming the "Sticky Segmented Boxes". Well, technically it's a "fork" or User:NOUG4AT's profile setup, which in turn was "forked" from Mailmanmicky's profile. Feel free to use, just don't use my images :P
  • I added OpenCritic reviews, SteamDeck support status, and lots of other little things to {{Software page}}
  • I have done lots of work on the documentation of PBR related things on this wiki

Pages Created

  • Other pages I have probably missed


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Photo Gallery

Here is a gallery of all my favorite pictures I have taken. Most of these were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8, not a fancy camera. (Click to increase quality)

Icon-Important.pngImportant:DO NOT REPOST MY PICTURES TO OTHER WEBSITES. While the only copyrighted image is the last one, I do NOT support the reposting of my images to other websites. I have given permission for these images to be used on this website and this website alone.