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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Currently Inactive

This mod is currently inactive. I had a large amount of the coding finished but I have moved onto other projects. If you're a mod team (a serious one) who would like the (somewhat amateur but working) source code for integration into their mod, shoot me an email. If I don't get any interested parties, then I'll likely release the source code sometime down the line.


Half-Life 2D is an action--adventure--sidescroller based in the Half-Life 2 universe. The action takes place within a 2D plane, but the world, characters, and objects are all rendered in 3D. The plan is to create official release chapters and an overall "engine" so that players can creates their own levels.

Chapter 1

The story takes place one year prior to the events in the Half-Life 2. A citizen rebel group known only as The Autonomous has destroyed a large symbol of the Combine's oppressive rule. In retaliation, the Combine conduct wide ranging raids, sending many suspicious citizens to the Grand Block Detention Center, a secret liasion to Nova Prospekt.

Clara Marks, one of the leaders of The Autonomous, feeling a deep responsibility for the Combine retaliation, heads to the Grand Block to rescue her fellow citizens. Before departing, she is given an prototype body cover by Dr. Isaac Kleiner called SUIT, or Systemic Utilization of Integrated Technology. SUIT is an upgradeable mix of HEV suit and Combine suit technology.

Marks dons SUIT and heads for the Grand Block.


  • Non linear explorable worlds.
  • New single player storyline based in the Half-Life universe.



Anthony Nichols - Lead, Level Design, Coding

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