Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter

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Ravenholm: The Lost Chapter is a level expansion of the Ravenholm story arc that started with Half-Life 2. The story revolves around the Combine's current use of the town as a dumping ground for failed experiments carried out on the citizens of City 17. While trying to free himself from the town's grasp, Gordon encounters the mysterious failed experiments as well as the unwilling inhabitants that roam the streets.


  • New storyline that is a continuation of the horrors experienced in the desolate town of Ravenholm.
  • New mysteries revolving around Gordon, the Combine, and the citizens of City 17 to discover.
  • Trademark atmosphere of Ravenholm returns to terrify and disturb.
  • Released: June 8, 2006.


Story and level design by Anthony Nichols based on the story of Ravenholm by Valve Software.