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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

<Half-Life 2> Uplink Source is a third party total conversion of the Half-Life demo (Half-Life: Uplink). The main goal of this project is to recreate the original from A to Z, taking full advantage of the Source engine features.


Total remake of:

  • All of the four maps, including the training course
  • Materials using high resolution textures, physics and sounds
  • Objects with lots of polys
  • Animated characters and aliens
  • Sounds and voices
  • New soundtrack


The player takes control of Gordon Freeman 48 hours after the "containment failure", according to a caption. A scientist and a security guard wish to enter the Lambda complex and escape, but they cannot open the reactor door until a signal is sent to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), and the radio antenna must be reconfigured manually. To this end, they enlist the player's aid, sending him through an area heavily populated with military personnel and Vortigaunts; having reconfigured the antenna, the player must navigate through an underground maze populated by headcrabs and zombies.

Arriving back at the starting point, the player passes through the previous area, fighting against headcrabs, zombies, and now houndeyes, only to become trapped in a large room with a Gargantua, which proceeds to kill everyone there before homing in on the player. The G-Man is seen watching from a window high on the wall. The screen then fades to black, accompanied by the caption: Current evaluation: uplink completed. Require further data.

To be continued ...


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