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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> The Wastes: Source was going to be a deathmatch and teamplay game featuring outlandish weaponry and ace melee combat. The scene was a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear holocaust had forced the remaining survivors to bring up weapons to protect themselves.


  • Fast paced action, a throwback to the original shooter days.
  • Professional art path with industry vets.
  • Unique weapons that must be found in the field, but do overwhelming damage.
  • Bleeding / Willpower / Composure health system.
  • Lives attribute makes survival a priority.
  • Two announced game modes: Anarchy (Deathmatch) and Gang Rules (Teamplay)


Its predecessor Wasteland Half-Life was an ambitious and successful game mod for the original Half-Life. Released around the same time as Counter-Strike, Wasteland developed a cult status within the community and was fairly popular. Over the top action was cleverly mated with over the top artwork to create a complete game package. The Wastes for Half-Life came about as a result of team disputes over original work. New artwork was developed, and most portions of the game code was rewritten. Further public disputes however led to a release with mixed results.

The Wastes: Source was going to be the next iteration of the storied franchise, and the first on a completely new platform. Many of the same team members remained, under completely new management, but the mod was officially abandoned 23 May 2006 because its team members were graduating and moving on.


Development team

Meet the team behind The Wastes.

  • Josh `gage` Coyne - Programmer, Producer
  • Alex `Kruddman` Yao - Lead Artist, Designer
  • Phil `def_one` Mayfield - 3D Artist, Animation
  • Ricardo `TEX` Elizondo - 3D Artist
  • Artem `X-Convict` Volchik - 3D Artist
  • Rob `Kikwit` Hickey - Texture Artist
  • Sam `Potshot` Allen - Music, Sound Effects
  • Brian `soulescape` Fieser - Sound Effects
  • Ed `aufo` Fuller - Level Designer
  • Matti `Maso` Salminen - Level Designer
  • Miika `Pyroquantre` Lipasti - Level Designer
  • Darin `Witzbold` Ito - Lead QA
  • Alex `Uberpants` Batten - PR

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