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The Specialists The Specialists turns Valve's seminal FPS into an action packed, trick-filled deathmatch full of stunts, blazing gunfights, and slow-motion kung-fu.


  • Wide array of weapons, from the Glock 18c to Barret M82A1 to Combat Knives
  • Over 20 levels
  • Stunt motion- dives, wall runs, flips
  • Recreate your favorite action movies- Face/Off, The Matrix, Evil Dead, and more


Official Screenshot Page


Project Leads:

  • Filippo "Morfeo" De Luca
  • Lorenzo "John_Matrix" Pasini

Lead assistants:

  • Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez
  • Matthew "Schmung" Carter

Full Team Listing

Other Info

Official Website

144 144 90004 Steam Store page