The 7 hour war

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This mod for HL2 is no longer being developed.

Note:This page may change in the following week, so don't get disappointed or to happy about it.

<Half-Life 2> The 7 hour war, just another mini-mod.

Somewhere in the Half-life timeline you will see a 7 hour during war,

The war where the combine's took over the world.

And this mod will show you how it looked like.


  • 8 fantastic maps.
  • Bullet time.
  • Weapon re-skins.


The media is being worked on.

Screenshots will be added very soon.


I started making this mod for about a year ago.

It was dead for a month or six.

This is why:

  • My mapping/coding buddy stopped.
  • I was to busy with school.
  • I started an other mod with 2 guys. (Its dead now)

The Team

Darkfortune - Teh guy in charge, coder, mapper, other little things.

Pretbek - Being an awesome mapper.