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This is the {{Wikipedia port}} template. It is meant to be added to the top of documentation for templates that were ported over from Wikipedia. It automatically fills in the information for the links from the template's page name, although this can be optionally overriden with a parameter.


{{Wikipedia port}}

Results in:

Note that, when viewed on the documentation page itself, the Wikipedia links link to the /doc subpage instead of the standard page, due to the way the template works. They show up correctly when viewed on the template page.


This template accepts up to four optional parameters, one unnamed and three named.

To provide links to a different template, the name of the template can be provided as an unnamed parameter, like so:

{{Wikipedia port|Template:Documentation}}

To specify if the template was modified, provide the modified parameter:

{{Wikipedia port|Template:Documentation|modified=1}}

To specify if the template was ported from an old revision, provide the old parameter with the ID of the revision as provided in the revision's URL.

{{Wikipedia port|Template:Documentation|old=577591885}}

To specify if the template's documentation was also ported from Wikipedia, provide the documentation parameter:

{{Wikipedia port|Template:Documentation|documentation=1}}